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About Us

GEARWORXXX is extremely proud to provide our customers handcrafted leather gear that is stylish, luxurious and made to last! We create leather gear for  both men and women.  Our passion for the materials and the art of leather work/tooling creates a framework for contributing to the methods and techniques that have been in practice for centuries.
We carefully search and select top quality Latigo hides as well as fine garment leather. We use these natural materials to handcraft each and every item.  In the production process, we strive to transform a natural material with tendencies for stiffness to a finished product that not only looks great but feels great on the body.
So our gear is created with lifestyle in mind where you can dress it up or dress it down, be in public or private or anywhere in between, you can guarantee that we will have something for your use and pleasure.
As part of a community of amazing competitors, our gear introduces a new standard of excellence that translates to a higher level of satisfaction. Our gear promotes a new challenge to help raise the standards beyond simple rivets, buttons and snaps.

Store hours

We are by appointment only please contact us by email: or phone: (818) 624-4791

Store closed Monday's by appointment Tuesday through Thursday & Sunday. Store open at the Bullet Bar Friday & Saturday from 9:00 pm to 1:00 am.

Please check out The Bullet Bar website at